Thursday, January 10, 2013

Return into Real Space

The Tempest class Strike Frigate Assault Angel blasted out of the warp in a blaze of warp fire, its red and blue hull smoking as the Geller fields finally failed.  The one and a half kilometer ship was in disgusting disrepair due to the destructive nature of the warp and the time that the ship remained trapped within it.  It was the last remaining craft of the Angels of Silence; a Chapter that a century ago was presumed destroyed as their home planet and their space fortress were both destroyed by a force that was never truly found.
The Assault Angel managed to have saved the Chapter Master Icarus, and several of the first company troop, and a large number of the tenth company scouts when the Grand Cruiser Soaring Fist Plasma drive gave out taking many ships and hundreds of thousands of imperial troops stationed aboard the various ships surrounding it. 
The escape into the ethereal was not seamless as would be hoped, the Assault Angel’s Navigators head imploded as soon as the warp had closed behind them due to the severe stress and abruptness of the departure from the battle zone.  The ship itself was in no fighting position anymore after the risky maneuvers it took saving as many Astrates as humanly possible.
Warp storms battered the ships for a thousand years, though within the warp time as no real meaning, so a millennia passed in the span of a year to the crew.  A year of hell and death was for the crew and the daemons of chaos bombarded the ship constantly, straining the brave Angels and Imperial Crew to the limits.
Now that it has returned to Real Space, for a fate that is unknown, and wrought with many dangers…

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