Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flame Hammers

Hey Guys,
   I was doing some thoughts over making a unique salamander like unit.  I thought having a Command Squad, equipped with both Thunder Hammers, and Flamers, coming down in a drop pod.

Team Setup:
  This is an expensive choice, however it works in most games against hordes and none hordes.  You attached Vulcan to this squad and your laughing.  (Expect the part where you have to buy a extra Captain to access it) You can equip Storm Shields to this group to raise the price and protect against the rise of the plasma gun.  The FNP granted by the Apothecary can come in handy most time, and help grant this 5 man squad some survivability.

  If you use a model like Shirke with this combo, your more guaranteed to get into combat and literally bring the hammer down.

  Beautiful part of this combo, your not going to kill an entire unit in one assault phase, it'll take two usually unless the hits are very in your favor.

  If you add Khan to this combo, you get strength 10 thunder hammers on the charge, and a IC to challange enemy HQ's with an instant death sword which wounds on 3+ on the charge to ME.  Also Hit & Run will keep your models from being bogged down in tarpits and keep them in the offensive instead of stuck in the middle of the field.

  Now adding Lyander will really suit your cause, having a 2+ save and a 3+ Invul, save definitely will keep the squad alive, and the stubborn trait will keep them strong at Leadership 10

  That's the choices for the vanilla codex, you could do the same with the blood angel codex as well, even adding jump packs and sticking a Reclusiarch in the front and enjoy the flame induced show.

  On the modeling side of this, I was thinking of using green stuff on some various thunder hammers you have access to through space wolves, vanilla, and blood angels kits,(All available through Spikey Bits) to give the effect that the flamer is the tip of the hammer and giving a much more visually enjoyable model frame.  I may make these models because they don't seem hard to put together and matching to the Angels of Silence army list is fairly easy since its whatever I decide it too be.

Playing on the Field:
Dropping them in a drop pod is a very effect way to get them in the center of the enemies deployment turn 1, handing out flamer templates like there was no tomorrow,(Take that Tzeentch Flamers!) Orks and Guard would have no chance against a hit that big, though they are easily bogged down in attacks, unless you have Khan.

Using Jump Pack's or Bikes can improve distance and effectiveness of this troop, but on the negative side the price goes up 90 points which as we all know could be another tactical combat squad.  Though having T5,S10 3++ save, with hit & run, might not be the worst thing in the world to have.

Whats your guys thoughts an opinions on this? Was it clear, would it work, would to flop? Deathstar much or waste of much needed points?

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