Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Khan makes Daemon Princes

Hey Guys,
     I was musing over something the other day while looking through my vanilla codex.  Khan and his friendly neighborhood command squad can be daemon powered on the charge when equipped with spears.

1. Khan grants Furious Charge to the squad he is attached too which gives the 1+ STR on the charge
2. Spears grant 1+ STR on the charge
3. Bikes makes models T5
4. Apothecary grants a "5+" Invulnerable save as long as he doesn't die

    So if we put those together, the squad itself is this, Khan with his instant death sword, 4+ invulnerable save and a bike, four guys with power spears, bolt pistols(two weapons), and bikes, and one Apothecary on a bike.
   Khan S5 T5 I5 3+ 4++ 5+ FnP A5
205 Points
   4 CS S6 T5 I4 3+ 5+ FnP A4 on the charge (16 total)
   1 Apoc S5 T5 I4 3+ 5+ FnP A4 on the charge
265 Points

  Daemon Prince S6 T5 I8 5++ A6 on the charge
145 points

  The point is there that this squad can be Daemon Princes on the charge; just shorter and can get into assault range without a worry.

  What do you guys think?


  1. Don't forget Hammer of Wrath on top of that.

    1. Oh my, how could I forget, that would be 6 extra attacks at S4, though the Daemon princes HoW attack is much more powerful, hitting on S6.
      To also note, I made it the chaos books Daemon Prince, because the Daemons of Chaos prince is only S5 base, and would only hurt bikes on a 4+